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Siviilipalveluskeskus infoaa syksyn eristä lisää kesän jälkeen.

Kesällä meidät tavoittaa normaalisti puhelinpalvelun kautta ma-pe klo 9-11 ja klo 13-15 välisinä aikoina numerosta 0295 0295 00. Kysymyksiä voi lähettää . Hakemukset voi lähettää sähköpostiin

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives on many ways. Here at the Non-Military Service center, we have had to change our operations and, among other things, we have been forced to cancel two training periods from this spring. We are well aware of the difficulties that this situation can cause and we will do our best to minimize the annoyance it causes. We will keep you updated about the situation and the forthcoming training periods.

You can call the educational center reception desk for advice and instructions on weekdays 9-11 and 13-15 at 0295 0295 00. You can also send questions regarding the non-military service to Training period group requests, deferral...