Starting your non-military service

Batch requests

You can see starting dates and the current situation of training periods in Omasivari. Choose the training period that suits you best through Omasivari. Check that all your contact information is up to date. Correct or complete as needed.

You can also send your batch request by email or mail if the selection of batches through Omasivari is not successful. Write in a free-form message:

  • your batch request,
  • your name, date of birth, address, and telephone number.

Send your batch request:

  • via secure link, or
  • by e – mail, or
  • by mail to Siviilipalveluskeskus, Latokartanontie 97, 09810 Ingermaninkylä

secure link 

Monitor your post that you will not miss the entry order and the notification of its arrival to your post office. Your place in a chosen batch will be confirmed after you pick up the entry order. You must pick up the entry order personally from your post office within two weeks.

Training period

About a month before your training period starts:

  • You will receive more detailed information by e-mail on how to complete your training period
  • Follow the instructions in Omasivari and select a training group
  • Check all your contact details and add your bank account number for the payments of daily allowances.

If you have sent an application for exemption or deferment and it has not been confirmed before the start of your service time, it is not a legal impediment for not to enter the service. You should contact Non-military Service Centre if you have applied for exemption or deferment and are unsure of your situation. Non-military Service Centre will make a search warrant for the police if you do not arrive, and you have no legal impediment to your absence.

 Training period

Work service

After the training period non-military service continues in service position. You must apply for a service position before you start your training period.