Omasivari – website is designed for non-military servants. In Omasivari you can check relevant information regarding on your non-military service. You must use strong authentication (Finnish bank ID or Mobile ID) to login in.

How do I get into Omasivari?

  • Login in:
  • Use Finnish Bank ID or
  • Mobile ID

Omasivari (

How can I have Finnish Bank ID or Mobile ID

To have Finnish online banking ID, you must open a Finnish bank account in a bank of your choice. You must prove your identity with your passport/ID.

Finnish Bank ID (nets eu)

Mobile ID you get from your mobile operator.

  • If you don’t have Finnish online banking ID, you must visit in your mobile operator’s shop to get the Mobile ID. You must prove your identity with your passport/ID.
  • If you have a prepaid mobile connection, you can’t have Mobile ID.

Mobile ID (

What can I do in Omasivari?

In Omasivari you can take care of your affairs related to the non-military service.

  • Find the starting times of the eductional periods and up-to-date eductional period status.
  • Make or change your eductional period request.
  • Fill up health check-up form.
  • Add your picture for non-military servant ID.
  • Check your service situation, such as used vacations, expected date of repatriation, etc.
  • Apply vacations, deferment, exemption, transferring to military service.
  • Upload your resume (CV) to Omasivari, which can help you to find a work service position.
  • Accept the commitment contract with the work service place.
  • Order travel tickets.

Update your information in Omasivari!

You must check your contact information and, if necessary, update:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Bank account number

For the daily allowance and other payments, your bank account number must be saved in Omasivari before your training period starts.