Non-military service

  • You can apply for non-military service for reasons based on your conviction.
  • It replaces conscription.
  • There is not an obligation for refresher training.
  • Non-military service obligation ends at the end of the year in which service person reaches age of 30.

Non-military service period is 347 days. It always begins with four-weeks training period. After the training period, service continues in a service position which lasts approximately 319 days. Service position is performed in service locations approved by Non-military Service Centre. You must find your service position yourself.

Any possible time served in military service reduces non-military service time. Possible military service time is credited with a multiplier.

Non-military Service Centre

  • Takes care of the implementation of non-military service, arranges training, and directs the service locations.
  • Non-military service centre is in Lapinjärvi. It is a separate unit of Development and Administration Centre, ie. KEHA.

 After acceptance for non-military service

You can influence on the starting date of your non-military service. Select the appropriate training period through Omasivari. When you have selected training period, Non-military Service Centre will issue a written order for you to enter the service.

If necessary, you can apply for a deferment or exemption.

If you do not choose a training period, you will receive a written order to enter the service within two years. The order will be sent approximately three months before the training period starts. Due to age (over 29 years), a shorter notice period of two months can also be used.

If you do not have a legal impediment, and you do not enter to non-military service, you will have a wanted notice.

Benefits of non-military service person

  • Non-military service person receives the same benefits as the military service person.
  • Non-military Service Centre is responsible of your maintenance during training period and the service position has the responsibility during your service period. Maintenance implicates daily allowance, meals, accommodation, health care and travelling.
  • You will receive an electronic non-military service certificate during your service.
  • Various conscript discounts require the presentation of certificate.