Non-Military Service

Non-military service

Finnish men who are of the age of 18 are obliged to take part in the draft for conscription service.

Non-military service is meant to be an alternative to the mandatory Finnish conscription service in the army for those for whom conscientious objections rule out the carrying out of regular military service. The “conscientious objection” stated in the law is not specified, the key is the conscripts own evaluation of whether it would hinder their military service.

Non-military service lasts 347 days and is reduced by any possible time spent in military service. It consists of a training period, which is at the Lapinjärvi educational center and lasts 28 days, as well as work in a societally beneficial service position mainly in public or third sector work places for about 10 and a half months if no time has been spent in the military service.

Non-military servicemen receive the same benefits as military-servicemen.