Applying to non-military service

  • Non-military service period is 347 days.
  • Non-military service always begins with a four-week training period.
  • After the training period, non-military service continues with work service.
  • The training period must be completed before you can start your work service.


You can apply to non-military service:

  • when your conviction or compelling reasons prevent you from performing conscript service.
  • in call-up.
  • after call-up.
  • after completing more than 30 days of voluntary conscript service for women.
  • Your application must be done no later than the year in which you reach the age of 30.


How to apply:

  • Application form is in Omasivari.
  • If you can’t use Finnish electronic identification you can print out an enlistment application here.
  • Complete, print, and sign the application
  • Submit it to call-up board if you are applying to non-military service in call-up, or
  • to regional office if you have already been in call-up and you have not yet started service, or
  • to the platoon commander if you are at conscript service or
  • to the Finnish embassy or consulate if you live abroad.


The process of your application:

  • We will not be able to process your information until you have been in the call-up.
  • Your regional office will process your application and decide on your non-military service obligations. This can take a few weeks.
  • The decision of your transfer will be sent to you and to Non-military Service Centre.
  • Your information will be transferred to non-military service register.

Regional Offices of Defence Forces


Other considerations:

  • Once you have been accepted into non-military service, you can select the appropriate training period through Omasivari.
  • If necessary, you can request a deferral.
  • The obligation to perform non-military service is valid until the end of the year in which you reach age of 30.
  • Once you have completed non-military service, you will be in the reserve until the end of the year in which you turn 50.


From conscription to non-military service:

  • If you apply to non-military service while you are still in military service, you will be discharged immediately.
  • Your application is submitted from the garrison to the regional office for processing.
  • Your service information will be provided to Non-military Service Centre once regional office has decided on your non-military service obligation.
  • In some cases, it may take several weeks for the information to be transferred to Non-military Service Centre.
  • You can log in to Omasivari when your information can be found in non-military service register.
  • You log in to Omasivari with your own online banking ID.
  • You can make a training batch request in Omasivari if you have been placed in serviceability class A or B.
  • If you are in E or C serviceability class, you cannot make a batch request until you have submitted a medical statement about your serviceability to Non-military Service Centre.
  • Military service which you have completed before you are transferred into non-military service will be credited using multipliers.
  • If the duration of the military service was set at 165 days, the multiplier is 2.10
  • If the duration of the military service was set at 255 days, the multiplier is 1.36
  • If the duration of the military service was set at 347 days, which is the same as duration of non-military service, the multiplier is 1.00


You have completed 8 days of military service, and the service period was set at 165 days.
8 days x 2.10 = 16.80. Your non-military service will be shortened by 17 days: 347-17 = 330 days.


  • Only the duration of the military service is calculated by a multiplier.
  • The daily allowance is determined by the actual days of service completed (from the beginning of the conscription period), not by a multiplier.




General information about non-military service

Regional Offices of Defence Forces

Service time counter

Training periods

If you do not have Finnish bank ID, fill in the non-military service application here