Daily allowance

  • Daily allowance is the same amount as the daily allowance military conscripts receive.
  • Daily allowance is progressive depending on the amount of service.
  • When counting the amount of daily allowance, days completed in military service are counted as calendar days and not the multiplication.
  • Daily allowance is paid for every day, even Saturday and Sunday.
  • Daily allowance is paid retroactively once or twice a month.
  • You will decide about the schedule for the payment of daily allowance in the contract. If the payment has been scheduled to be sent every two weeks, the service location cannot change the schedule by themself to occur once a month.
  • Your service location will inform the paid daily allowance to the income register.

Daily allowance depends on the service days you have completed in your service

Starting from 1.1.2024

1-165 days: 5,90 €

166-254 days: 9,80 €

255-347 days: 13,65 €

Women also get an additional 1,50 € per day.

Daily allowance will not be paid

  • For whole days if you have been absent from service without permission
  • During personal reason leave (HSL-Leave)
  • During a time where you have caused an injury or condition on purpose which makes you unable to complete your service
  • During a time where you have been under suspicion, arrested or imprisoned and you have been sentenced to imprisonment for your crime.