Making the contract

Service location must have an up-to-date agreement on how to operate as a service location and the login credentials for Sivariweb.


Once the service location has decided to take you into the work service:

  • You agreed to start and complete the work service.
  • Your service location fulfils and signs the commitment contract in Sivariweb.
  • The commitment contract will then be signed and reviewed by you in Omasivari.
  • Information about the commitment contract is transferred to Non-military Service Centre.

A commitment is a contract of performing work service at service location and it is always necessary.
Non-military Service Centre orders servant to the work service based on a commitment contract.

You agree with your service location on the following:

  • starting date of your work service
  • main tasks
  • accommodation
  • payment schedule
  • dining
  • business trips
  • health care

 Checklist for things to figure out before/as the service position begins (pdf)

Health care

  • During your service you are entitled to receive medical treatment at the expense of your service location.
  • You must have a sick leave note for each day of illness.
  • Your service location will point out the health care place which you can use when needed.


Criminal record extract

  • If your works tasks include working with children, you need to have a criminal record extract before you can be ordered to work service.
  • Do not order the criminal record extract before your training period. You will get instructions how to order it during your training period.
  • You cannot start your work service until the criminal record extract has been inspected by Non-military Service Centre.

Security clearance

  • A security clearance is carried out on employees selected for positions important to the state’s security or a very significant private interest. If necessary, a security clearance for the completion of the work service is ordered by the service location.


Change of residence

  • Change of residence must always be agreed in advance with the service location.
  • If you rent a new apartment, you must discuss of the guaranteed rent and the maximum amount of rent with your service location in advance.
  • Please note if your service location does not point your accommodation to the new address, receiving applied military allowance from Kela is not certain in this situation.
  • The service location updates your new address information to the commitment contract.
  • Change in commitment contract is signed/approved by the service location in Sivariweb and servant signs/approves it in Omasivari.


After making the commitment

  • When service location and you have confirmed the commitment contract, it will be inspected and accepted by Non-military Service Centre.
  • After that Non-military Service Centre makes the work order which you can see in Omasivari.
  • You cannot start your work service before Non-military Service Centre has done the work order.


LINK: ”How to sign the commitment contract in Omasivari” (pdf in Finnish)


Processing time

  • Non-military Service Centre inspects the commitment contract as soon as possible after you and the service location have signed it.
  • Non-military Service Centre does the work order according to the commitment contract before your work service will begin.


Instructions for transferring the service location

  • You can change your service location during your service time.
  • Inform your service location in time that you are going to change your service location, so that they have time to find someone else to replace you.
  • Make a commitment contract with your new service location.
  • Your old service location gives consent to the transfer electronically in Sivariweb.
  • New commitment contract comes to Non-military Service Centre for acceptance.
  • You will receive a transfer decision from Non-military Service Centre, after which you can start at the new service location.


When using Omasivari, you should use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the browser.