Before your non-military service starts

Before your non-military service starts you should remember following matters:


  • If you need deferment, you should apply it in advance. (Deferment). If your deferment application has not been solved before your start date, it is not a legitimate reason of absence.


  • Inform your employer about the start of your non-military service. Employment does not need to be ended, instead you should agree upon your return to employment after your non-military service is finished.


  • If you are unemployed, you must inform job centre (Public employment and business services) when you service will begin (TE-palvelut–> E-Services). Also, you must notify the Unemployment Insurance Fund if you receive earnings-related unemployment benefit.


  • If you have finished your studies but you do not have a job, register yourself to job centre (Public employment and business services, TE-palvelut) before your service starts.
  • Clarify beginning and continuing of your studies. Your study place can accept postponement of your studies. During your non-military service you will not receive student allowance or state-guaranteed student loan.
  • Try to make an agreement with the bank or other lender on the transfer of instalments of loan or on payment arrangements. Interest on student loans is paid from state funds (Kela) without any repayment obligation if the borrower has been in non-military service during the month in which the interest falls due.
  • Obtain from the tax office a change to your tax percentage and deferral of additional taxes.
  • You can plan for the payment of fines with the bailiff.


  • Social benefits must be obtained from the local office and / or municipality of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). Under certain conditions, Kela pays military assistance during your service to you or your relatives. At the same time, find out about the possibilities of social income and housing support.
  • A person covered by the Entrepreneurs’ Pensions Act or the Agricultural Entrepreneurs’ Pensions Act should contact their own pension institution or its agent. It is also worth exploring the possibilities for substitute pay as employment support and replacement assistance for an agricultural entrepreneur.



Benefits during non-military service