You can apply for deferment

  • When you have been accepted as a non-military servant. 
  • You can also apply for deferment during your service time.

Apply for deferment in good time. Preferably four weeks before the start of your service if you have a valid order to enter the service. You must start your service if Non-military Service Centre has not had enough time to process your application before the start date of your service.  

If you are unsure about your ability to cope with non-military service, you can discuss the need for deferment with our curator. Curator: Non-military Service Centre may give an exemption in peacetime to a non-military service person who is unfit for service in full or for a certain period.


You can have deferment for

  • studies
  • performing the duties as a member of Parliament
  • organisation of your financial matters
  • for another special personal reason 

Deferment can be maximum three years at a time. It can be granted to the end of the year in which you reach the age of 28.

Make an application in Omasivari

  • You can fill out your application on “Applications” page.
  • Always remember to check your own contact information.
  • Select “New application”.
  • Select the type of application. After selection, you can fill out the application. 
  • The application can be saved as incomplete for later processing or sent to Non-military Service Centre for processing. 

    You must attach an explanation of the reason for deferment

    The file formats allowed for application attachments are: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, pdf.

    • for studies
      • certificate of your study or copy of received study place.
    • for finacial matters
      • copies of loans and debts as well as employment contract and salary receipts for the last two months
    • for another special personal reason
      • a written statement of reasons

    Processing of the application

    Non-military Services Centre will process your application as soon as possible. Processing time is about 1-4 weeks. You also will receive information about the decision electronically via messages if you use it. messages (

    If you wish, you can interrupt your deferment at any time and apply for service.

    When your deferment ends

    Choose your training period or start to look for a service position. 

    If needed, you can apply for more deferment.

    If making an application through Omasivari is not successful

    Write into a free-form application:

    • your name
    • your date of birth
    • your address
    • what kind of deferment
    • for how long time

    Or you can fill out and print the application (the form is in Finnish)

    Deferment application/studies/financial/personal reasons (pdf)

    Send your application with attachments:

    • by secure link
    • by email:
    • by post: Non-military Service Centre, Latokartanontie 97, 09810 Ingermaninkylä

    secure link