You can apply for deferment


  • when you have been accepted as a non-military servant. You can also apply for deferment during your service time.


Apply for deferment in good time. Preferably four weeks before the start of your service if you have a valid order to enter the service. You must start your service if Non-military Service Centre has not had enough time to process your application before the start date of your service.


If you are unsure about your ability to cope with non-military service, you can discuss the need for deferment with our curator or nurse.


Health Clinic:


 Deferment can be for:

  • studies,
  • health reasons
  • performing the duties as a member of Parliament,
  • organisation of your financial matters, or
  • for another special personal reason.


Deferment can be maximum three years at a time.
It can be granted to the end of the year in which you reach the age of 28.


Write in to a free-form application:

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • your address
  • what kind of deferment
  • for how long time


Or you can fill out and print the application: (the form is in Finnish):
Deferment application/studies/financial/personal reasons


 You must attach an explanation of the reason for deferment:

  • certificate of your study or copy of received study place
  • copies of loans and debts as well as employment contract and salary receipts for the last two months
  • a written statement of reasons


Send your application with attachments:


Non-military Service Centre will process your application as soon as possible. You will also receive information about the decision electronically via messages if you use it.


If you wish, you can interrupt your deferment at any time and apply for service.