What to bring with you



Necessities include:

  • A valid ID
  • Your national health insurance card (KELA-card)
  • The document ordering you to begin your service
  • A passport photograph for the non-military service ID
  • The tickets you received
  • The non-military service contract, if you already have a non-military service position
  • A record of vaccinations
  • Other health-related documents or medical certificates
  • Your bank account number, for payment of the daily allowance

Bring with you enough clothes matching the time of year in Finland to last at least a week in Lapinjärvi, personal hygiene necessities (deodorant, toothbrush and paste etc.), shampoo, shower gel, shower sandals and your own towel is recommended.

There is a possibility to use a washing machine to wash your clothes, bring your own detergent.

If you have allergies, you might want to bring your allergy medicine with you, especially during the summer.

Remember to bring your phone charger and maybe some headphones so you can watch funny cat videos without disturbing your roommate.

You may want to bring a small padlock to lock your personal items in the provided lockers.

There is a vending machine as well as a coffee machine, which work with change so it may prove to be a good choice to bring some coins with you.