Travel to the center



Buses from for example, Helsinki, Kouvola and Porvoo go past Lapinjärvi, on the starting day of the training period, a charter bus will provide a ride from Helsinki at 10 am from Mikonkatu 19 at the tourist bus stop.

These YouTube videos (in Finnish) demonstrate how to find your way from Helsinki or Kouvola to the right place to get to the non-military service center

Helsinki (the first section shows how to find your way from Helsinki railway station to Kamppi bus terminal, the second in reverse, and third from the railway station to the charter bus location at Mikonkatu)


The buses (discluding the charter bus that goes directly to the center) stop at a bus stop by the highway near the center. To get to the non-military service center follow the walkway through the underpass and past the gas station, you should be able to see a stretch of road flanked on both sides by birch trees, make your way to the end of the stretch and the center will be in front of you after the final bend.

If you miss the bus to the center, call the non-military service center reception desk: 0295 0295 00 and follow instructions, the non-military service center will not reimburse unapproved hotel stays or taxi rides.