Service location’s responsibilities


The service location which has signed a contract with the serviceman is responsible for their

  • conscripts allowance
  • dining arrangements or food allowance
  • health care
  • accommodation
  • commuting arrangements if the serviceman’s indicated accommodation is more than 5km away from the service location
  • any equipment required for the job
  • travel costs for holidays under certain conditions

Conscripts allowance

Conscripts allowance increases depending on how many service days the conscript has completed, as of 1.1.2021 the amount is:

  • 1-165 days: 5,20€
  • 166-255 days 8,70€
  • 256-347 days 12,10€

Food allowance

If the service location does not provide dining or provides it partially, the payment of food allowance follows the following chart:

Breakfast Evening snack Lunch Dinner Amount of food allowance in €
X X X X 0,00
X X X 2,50
X X X 2,50
X X 4,00
X X X 4,50
X X X 4,50
X X 6,00
X X 6,00
X X 6,00
X X 6,00
X 7,50
X 7,50
X X 10,00
X 12,00
X 12,00

Holiday travel costs

The service location can on its own discretion allow the serviceman a paid for trip to the following locations:

  • a municipality where the serviceman has a permanent job- or study place
  • the municipality where the serviceman’s significant other lives
  • the municipality where the serviceman’s parent, sibling, or child lives
  • a municipality where the serviceman has a prospective job- or study place if they can prove they have a job interview or entrance exam etc.


The serviceman is obligated to free housing during their non-military service. During the training period, Kela can reimburse housing costs. During service in a service position, either the service location or Kela will reimburse housing costs.

The service location must indicate an accommodation for you in the service contract, the service location can indicate their own housing or rent an apartment. The service location can also indicate your own house if you agree upon it. The serviceman will decide whether to accept or not the indicated housing.

If you accept the indicated housing, the service location must give food allowance for those free days that you reside in the indicated housing, as well as pay for commuting if the indicated housing is over 5km away.

If accepting a housing would give you expenses, the service location will have to reimburse those expenses.

If you do not accept the indicated accommodation, the service location will not be responsible for housing costs. Not accepting an indicated accommodation must be marked in the service contract and you can apply for conscripts’ social assistance from Kela. Check the prerequisites to apply for conscripts’ social assistance from Kela beforehand.

Housing while in the service position