Looking for a service position



It is recommended to look for a service position as early as possible so that you may find a suitable service position for yourself, to help in looking for a service position you can use the national service location catalogue found in the non-military service center’s website.

The service location catalogue does not list all locations eligible to be a service location but those that have applied for it, thus you can find a service position elsewhere but they would have to apply for the position, which takes more time. Eligible service locations include almost any national or municipal official, religious, communal or otherwise generally non-profit organizations, a service location must not be a profit-seeking organization but also cannot be a political party or a trade union. Most common service locations are daycares, libraries, universities, rest homes, ministries, churches, cultural institutions, colleges, schools, hospitals and certain organizations.

The most popular service positions, for example in the capital region are booked far ahead in time.

It helps in finding a service position to be flexible and open-minded; it doesn’t hurt to consider whether you should do your non-military service doing something which you might have never done otherwise.

There is no need for panic if you haven’t found a service position by the time your training period is starting, The non-military service center aims to assist in finding a service position if you cannot find a service position by yourself.