Looking for a service position

It is a good idea to start to look for a service position before you start your training period.

However, you can only agree on the start date of the work service once you have received an entry order stating the start dates of both training period and work service.


From where do you search for a service position?


A service place which has not yet entered into an agreement with Non-military Service Centre must apply for an agreement of a service position well in advance before any work service can begin.


Which places can be a service position?

  • State or municipal authority or facility
  • Religious community
  • Non – profit private association or foundation
  • The most common service positions are:
  • kindergartens,
  • libraries,
  • universities,
  • retirement homes,
  • ministries,
  • parishes,
  • cultural institutions,
  • colleges,
  • schools,
  • hospitals


Which places CANNOT be a service position?

  • Company, association, or foundation which aims for profit
  • Party or trade union
  • Work service cannot be performed at your own employer.
  • Work service is also not allowed to promote one’s own studies. For example, no credits or similar cannot be accrued for completing the work service.
  • Previous non-employment traineeships, on-the-job training periods and work trials through the labour administration do not prevent you to do your work service in that certain service position.


Other things to consider

  • Finding a service position in advance is not mandatory for applying for non-military service or starting a training period.
  • The centre will try to help you to find a service position if you are unable to find one yourself.
  • Non-military Service Centre does not send servants directly to the service position.
  • Service position chooses the most suitable person for the duties, for example by interviewing the servants who have submitted their application.
  • The commitment is signed in Sivariweb by your service position, and you can sign and accept it in Omasivari.



Vacancies (vipa.mol.fi/sivaripub/servplaces)

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