There is a health clinic at the training center with two nurses and a doctor.

During the first three weeks of the training period, a health checkup will be performed on you to see if you are fit for service, this is mandatory and it includes a visit at the nurse as well as the doctor.

The health clinic nurses are on duty 8:00 to 9:00 and 12:00 to 12:30 on weekdays, as well as at other times with a reservation.

Basic medication such as asthma medication is provided for free during the training period, and sick leave is given when needed.

If you get sick on a vacation, seek help at your municipal health care, any expenses from examinations or care can be reimbursed retroactively, just be sure to bring the receipt as proof.

The training center also has a dedicated social welfare officer, to whom you may turn to in event of any kind of issue, whether it be economical worries or concerns in your social life.

For the health checkup, please bring your vaccination data and inform the nurses of any possible pox’s you have had. Prior doctors’ examinations, opinions and treatments could prove relevant during the health checkup.

During the health checkup, several measurements will be taken (blood pressure, weight, height, etc.), as well as a urine sample.