Free time & Exercise


Lectures during the training period usually last until 4pm; free time lasts from after that until the next lecture starts the following morning, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the many activities available at the training center.

The reception is open 24/7, from the reception you can:

  • Borrow sports equipment, bicycles during the summer, and keys and safety vests for the rowboat.
  • Return books borrowed from the local library
  • Fetch personal mail during the training period

The training center has Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi is available mon-thu 16:00 to 23:00, fri-sun 15:00 to 23:00.

The computer room is available mon-thu 11:30 to 15:00 and 16:30 to 22:00.

The Lapinjärvi village is equipped with two convenience stores, a hardware store, a bank, a post office, a pharmacy, a pizzeria, a library and two churches. The village is about 3,5 kilometers from the training center.

The training center has its own small gym, you can ask for the keys from reception.

During the summer, you can play for example, soccer, badminton, basketball and frisbee golf.

The lake next to the center is great for swimming, and during the winter there is a hole in the ice to go for a cold dip if you want.

During the Finnish school year, a school gym nearby is reserved for use by the center once a week where you can get a lift to play some indoor games.

A band room is equipped with basic instruments, but you can also bring your own.

In case you wish to practice playing some acoustic instrument, you can ask to borrow a lecture area for use.

If you can hitch a ride, you can familiarize yourself with the nearby towns such as Loviisa, which is a small town about 30min away, Porvoo and Kouvola which are a big bigger about 45min away, or Lahti and Helsinki which could be considered cities both about an hour away in opposite directions.