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Contact information

The Lapinjärvi educational center is located in
Latokartanontie 97          07810 Ingermaninkylä

You can call the educational center reception desk for advice and instructions on weekdays 9-11 and 13-15 at 0295 0295 00

You can send questions regarding the non-military service to:

Training period group requests, deferral applications, and other applications should be sent to: Remember to announce your name,date of birth, address and telephone number in the e-mail.

We have also introduced a secure messaging service to send confidential messages. The sender needs to have their own e-mail address to use the service secure messaging service

If you send applications by e-mail, you don’t need to send them also separately in the mail.


Other questions regarding non-military service can be sent to

for example:


Leading economic expert, non-military service: Viola Malmberg

Non-military service related decisions


Economic expert, non-military service: Kaisa Kurek (all requests in English)

Questions regarding supplementary service

(VR’s purchase applications credentials)


Economic expert, non-military service: Laura Melaja

Questions regarding supplementary service

VR’s purchase applications credentials


Economic expert, non-military service: Leni Palenius

Non-military service affairs and Non-military service registry

Economic expert, non-military service: Susanna Ollas
Questions regarding accommodation allowance for service locations and Non-military service registry.



Training specialist: Anders Blomberg

Training specialist: Katarina Haddas-von Martens

Training specialist: Linnea Hälki

Training specialist: Marke Kuosa

Training specialist: Vihtori Kylänpää

Training specialist: Markku Lautamäki

Training specialist: Eveliina Lundqvist

Training specialist: Suvi-Eveliina Pöllänen

Training specialist: Aino-Inkeri Miestamo (leave of absence 17.10.2022 – 15.11.2023)

Training specialist: Leena Viikari


Social work and leisure time

Social welfare officer: Marja-Liisa Sirén
Questions regarding social benefits


Non-military service expert Anu Toivola

Questions regarding servicemen’s leisure time and educational center housing


Non-military service director

Mikko Reijonen
Developing non-military service and the training period, running the educational center

Leading non-military service expert

Sari Eskola
Educational center internal services: health care, accommodation services, servicemen’s leisure time
service location applications and VAP-bookings


Health care/Mehiläinen