You can call the educational center reception desk for advice and instructions on weekdays 9-11 and 13-15 at 0295 0295 00. You can also send questions regarding the non-military service to

Training period group requests, deferral applications, and other applications should be sent to:

Kela-related matters and other questions regarding social benefits should be directed to Social welfare officer: Marja-Liisa Sirén on weekdays at 8.00-15.00, tel.0295 029 383 or marja-liisa.siren(at)

Please, remember, that there are many helplines available where you can get immediate support and advice from a counsellor. Helplines can also direct you to other services that might be useful for your particular problem. It is okay to call a helpline – no problem is too big or small. Here are some Finnish helplines that can operate in English too.

MIELI Mental Health Finland provides crisis assistance and support

Crisis Helpline in Arabic and English, call 09 2525 0113
on Mon, Tue at 11-15, Wed at 13-16 and 17-21. Thu at 10-15

Crisis Helpline in Finnish, call 09 2525 0111
open 24hrs every day, including public holidays

 Sekasin chat. Chat is chat is aimed at young people aged 12-29 and is open on weekdays at 9-24 and on weekends at 15-24.

NOLLALINJA  080 005 005 Nollalinja helps anyone who has experienced psychological, physical or sexual violence or threat of violence in an intimate relationship. Phoning Nollalinja is free of charge. When you phone Nollalinja, their professionals listen to you, support you and advise you in difficult situations. Nollalinja is open 24/7.

National coronavirus helpline on 0295 535 535. The helpline is open Monday–Friday 8.00–21.00 and Saturday 9.00–15.00.  The helpline is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.