OmaSivari & Finnish bank id


OmaSivari is a website designed for non-military service applicants where one may check relevant information regarding their non-military service such as remaining service days, holidays, and amount of daily allowance.

To login onto OmaSivari you will need an online bank id to a Finnish bank.

OmaSivari is used to set the bank account number to which the conscripts allowance is paid.

You should make sure your contact information in OmaSivari is correct and up-to-date so that no mistakes occur later on.

You can also state your training period group request in OmaSivari.

Opening a Finnish bank id can be done in a bank of your choosing, to prove your identity you will need a passport or a Finnish identity card.

Along with the bank id you will get the necessary online bank id to login to OmaSivari, if you are from Europe, you will get full rights over your bank account, if you are from elsewhere you will get limited rights.

To receive benefits and social assistance from Kela, they will require your bank account number in a Finnish bank, so it is best to also open a bank account when getting your bank id.