Deferment can be granted for studies, health-related reasons, sorting out financial matters or other personal reasons (see the Civilian Service Act Siviilipalveluslaki §26 and §31).  Deferment must be applied for in good time, preferably four full weeks prior to the start of the training period at the latest. A freely formulated deferment application including your full name, date of birth, personal details and address is sent to the civilian service center, and with it the necessary documents supporting a need for deferment:

  • Deferment due to studies: an extract from the student register or proof of having accepted an offer to study.
  • Deferment for reasons related to health: a B-attestation written by a doctor.
  • Deferment due to pressing financial reasons: proof of loans or debts, a plan of payment and a salary certificate or a copy of a contract of employment.
  • Deferment due to other, pressing personal reasons.

You can also apply for deferment during the civilian service for the same reasons. In case you are unsure of your capability to carry out the service, you can discuss the possible need for deferment with a doctor during the training period.


Forms (in Finnish)

Application form (health reasons)

Application form (other)