Beginning the non-military service service

& training period group requests



After your application has been accepted, you will be set to begin your non-military service during the current or within the next two calendar years, unless you have been granted a postponement of service. You can affect the decision when you are to start your service.

The non-military service center will send you a decree of service detailing the date of the beginning of your service about three months ahead of time.

If you wish to start your non-military service in a certain training period group, you should send a freeform application, which includes your full name, birth date, and address, asking to be placed within a certain group by email to or by mail to:


Latokartanontie 97

07800 Ingermaninkylä

Suomi/Finland             <- include if you are sending from abroad

After which you will receive your service decree by mail. If the specific group you requested for is full, you will be moved to the next following group with space.

It is recommended to send a training period group request separately even if you have specified your request in your non-military service application.

The length of non-military service is 347 days and it begins with a 4-week training period in the non-military service center in Lapinjärvi. The rest of the service duration is spent at an eligiblenon-military service position, doing whatever said job may entail.

You must find the service position for yourself, and it is highly recommended to look for a service location location well before even receiving the service decree, when you have found a service position, you must fill a commitment form with the service position that should be delivered to the non-military service center.

You must begin your service on the specified day at noon. Lack of tickets, a postponement application or complaint currently being handled or any similar reason is not grounds for absence.

Obligation for non-military service ends at the end of that calendar year in during which the obligee reaches 30 years of age.