Applying for non-military Service




The non-military service is meant for those conscripts for whom conscientious objections rule out regular military service.

You may apply for non-military service at the earliest in the conscription call-up proceedings. You must turn in a properly filled, printed and signed application

-To the draft board, if you are applying at the conscription call-up.

-To the regional office of the army, if you have already been in the conscription call-up and have not begun your military service.

-To the commander of your division, if you are applying during military service.

-To the Finnish embassy or consulate, if you live abroad.


“I left military service recently, how soon can I start my non-military service?”

The handling of your application takes about 2-6 weeks. When the regional office of the army has processed your application, you will receive a decree in the mail stating the end of your military service and the transfer to non-military service. At the same time, the non-military service center receives the information and you are then officially a non-military serviceman. If you are in a rush to start your non-military service, you can inquire about the progress of handling your application from the regional office of the army. You can also send a request to be placed in a training period group as soon as possible, this request cannot however be processed before you are a non-military serviceman.

If you can’t use Finnish electronic identification you can submit an entlistment application to the non-military or supplementary service here.